Face to Face: Up Close With Mother Nature

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“Unique, insightful, exciting, Face to Face is the result of Al Hornsby’s lifelong fascination with wildlife and animal behaviors, and of over 40 years’ work as a professional photographer and writer specializing in the underwater world, travel and Nature.

Al takes readers around the world, from the Americas, to Africa, and to Asia and the Pacific, through his camera lens. This stunning publication is peppered with extraordinary firsthand accounts of encounters with animals that are feared, revered and often misunderstood. These are the kinds of meetings and communions that most people can only dream about, made possible by Al’s special relationship with the natural world. Get closer to Nature than you ever thought possible…” Asian Geographic/Ocean Planet

Pages: 128

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Blacktip Reef Shark Poster

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Classic, archival Blacktip Reef Shark poster by Al Hornsby. Thousands distributed by Skin Diver Magazine in the late 1990’s. Sized at 36 x 24 in/91.5 x 61 cm for standard picture frames. Only 85 left in stock. When ordering, please indicate if you would like your copy signed.

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Original Music

Thinking About You

Written and performed by Al Hornsby (vocals, bass, piano, guitar)

©Al Hornsby 1995

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Sail Away

Written by Al Hornsby; performed by Al Hornsby (lead and back-up vocals, keyboards, bass) and John Moore (lead guitar)

©Al Hornsby 1990

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In Dreams

Written and performed by Al Hornsby (vocals, keyboards, bass, guitars)

©Al Hornsby 1990

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Written and performed by Al Hornsby (lead and back-up vocals, bass, keyboards, guitar)

©Al Hornsby 1995

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I Remember

Written by Al and Rogers Hornsby; performed by Al (lead vocals, bass) and Rogers (guitars, back-up vocals)

©Al and Rogers Hornsby 1990

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The Collection

Get all the tracks at a bundled price:

  1. Thinking About You
  2. Sail Away
  3. In Dreams
  4. Always
  5. I Remember

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