Diving with the Bigs

There is little more exhilarating in diving than being face to face with one of the aquatic world’s big, powerful creatures. Some, like sharks and crocodiles, provide a pure and immediate, breath-taking adrenaline rush – which is quickly replaced by the realization of their incredible animal beauty, strength and power, and an utter appreciation of their critical place in the natural environment. Others, like whales and mantas, are equally awesome in their size and grace, but exude a gentleness, an awareness of our small presence, and a seemingly apparent care in avoiding giving accidental harm through a careless brush or collision.

These sorts of interactions are good for us humans, I think…rare reminders of just where we fit into the grand scheme of things, moments where examples of true earthly beauty, power and utter adaptation to the aquatic environment are simply too obvious – even for us – to miss.