Diving with the Bigs

There is little more exhilarating in diving than being face to face with one of the aquatic world’s big, powerful creatures.

Birds of a Feather

While I’ll admit that my favorite photographic subjects have most always been either found underwater or are large and carnivorous (and often, are both), birds are a more recent, yet wonderful, discovery.

Marine Life, In Close

There is something very special about close-up, marine life photography. It can transport you to an underwater world where your universe can, at times, be measured in but inches.

A Beautiful World

The world around us is filled with magical, ethereal places that evoke emotions ranging from awe to tranquility and wonder, with so many others in between.

World Wildlife

Our planet has been blessed with an incredible array of wildlife…from large, thrilling carnivores to those creatures whose lovely, gentle spirits can sooth us with feelings of wonder.

Reef Scenes

Underwater, the breadth and variety of the visual imagery that awaits divers and snorkelers is simply beyond description.